Corporate/Organization Uniform

In 2021 the global market of work wear including corporate uniform is worth US$16.2 billion and by the year 2031 it will be worth US$29.1 billion and it grows at an average CAGR of 6.3%. Most work wear garments are made of cotton or cotton polyester blends and polyester. If those garments use recycled fabrics and get onto a circular mode the contribution will be immense to our environment.

company uniform

Recycled company uniforms are made of sustainable materials by recycling waste materials and following the concept of sustainable development. They pay attention to environmental protection and have a fashionable appearance design.

sustainable fashion

These recycled company uniforms feature stylish, on-trend designs, high-quality fabrics and sophisticated workmanship, allowing employees to dress stylishly and reflect the company's professional image.

Brand image display

The design of recycled company uniforms fully considers the company's brand image, and highlights the company's unique style through details such as color matching, further enhancing the brand's recognizability and image display effect.