Work Wear

In 2021 world work wear market is worth US$16.2 billion and by the year 2031 it will be worth US$29.1 billion and it grows at an average CAGR of 6.3%. Most work wear garments are made of cotton or cotton polyester blends and polyester. If those garments use recycled fabrics and get onto a circular mode the contribution will be immense to our environment.

Sustainable Materials

Recycled workwear is made from sustainable materials, such as recycled fibers or organic cotton. This helps reduce environmental impact and waste of resources.

Eco-Friendly Design

These workwear are designed with an emphasis on environmental protection and may include water-saving processes, non-toxic dyes and energy-saving manufacturing. This helps reduce the burden on the ecosystem.

Durable and Functional

Not only are recycled work clothes environmentally friendly, they are also durable and functional. They are designed for use in a variety of work environments, providing long-lasting performance and comfort.